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Couch With Pillows

I feel professional organizing is very personal and therefore each individual or family who’s thinking about hiring an organizer should know a little about me as a person and how I started my business.


I opened the doors in 2015 however, I had the vision and business model put together 10 years before seeing it come to life. When the time was right, I started doing research and realized that professional organizers had been in existence since the 80’s! I was thrilled to find out that there were others like me and they were able to turn a passion and set of skills like mine into a sustainable business.


We all possess different skills and for me organizing, flexibility, time management, and problem solving have always come naturally. My background in customer service and management are an asset as well but, really it’s about a passion for helping others. That’s truly what pushed me to take the leap into business ownership.


Every client and their situation is unique. Some want to hire an organizer to prepare for a home sale or move while others may not possess any organizing skills and need help decluttering the entire house. However, my philosophy is the same for everyone; “simple is best whether creating a space or finding a solution to a problem.”


Don’t get me wrong, I love taking an object or a space and making it look nice and pretty. However, professional organizing isn’t just about “pretty bins and baskets.” Many times it’s also about creating new systems, changing habits, and teaching others how to maintain their new spaces.


Everyone’s worthy and deserving of help when they need it. My job is not to judge but assess, plan, and execute each project. Clients and their possessions are treated with the utmost respect. You can read the code of ethics laid out by NAPO that I have incorporated into my business on the Contact page. Professional organizing is not an easy job but it’s very rewarding to know people are in a better place after I leave.


"Diana was prompt, efficient, and did an outstanding job. I would recommend her to people in a need of assistance" 

Denise A.

"Fresh Start with Diana was a life changer for me. I was buried in clutter and too much stuff due to a downsizing move. Diana got me organized and even removed unwanted items immediately. She promptly delivers items to charities and procures receipts. This is included in the price of service which is incredibly reasonable. I can now enjoy my home and the emotional lift of being organized has been notable!"  Michael  J.

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