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Well Organized Closet

Organizing Services

  • Top to bottom decluttering and organizing in your home

  • Closet design and layout

  • Create new systems

  • Help with paper, time, and home management

  • Redesign layout of furniture for better flow

  • Preparing for a sale, downsizing, rightsizing moving

  • Removal of unwanted items through donation, recycling, discard, and shredding

  • Packing and preparing for a move

  • Unpacking and settling into a new home

  • Holiday prep

  • D.I.Y customized plan

  • First time clients, call and ask how to receive a free 3-hour session

Real Estate Agents

If you are an agent interested in purchasing a gift for clients, I have three great offers!

Purge and Pack – Help your clients prepare their home to go on the market. Includes a consult and 3 hours of hands-on service.

Purge, Pack, and Stage- Prepare a client's home to go on the market. This 5 hour package includes a consult, purging, and home staging.

Quick Start- Clients will be thrilled to have help settling into their new home. Includes 5 hours of unpacking and setting up any area/rooms in their home while also getting advice on organizing systems to make the new home function for them.

Call for more details, pricing, and money back guarantee.

Preparing to move, downsizing, or need help with unpacking and set up of your new home?
                ~These services come with a personalized checklist for moving and tips~
Moving and Packing Services

For the Seller:

Why pay a mover to transport stuff you don't love or worse, move it yourself?

Let Fresh Start Organizing & Staging make your move easier before the packing even begins. Getting organized will simplify your move, make unpacking a breeze, and save you money!

             How clutter impacts the sale of a home  

           Perception is a huge deal in real estate…clutter has an impact on perception.


          Following are some of the ways clutter can affect your home sale:

  • – You could have recently renovated the living room but if it’s covered in toys, stacks of magazines and laundry piled all     over the couch, that’s all prospective buyers will tend to see.

  • – People often buy another home because they feel they’ve outgrown the space they’re in. When they take one look at     your home – which is filled to the brim with clutter – they’ll see that you too are running out of space so they’ll keep       looking…elsewhere…for the space they need.

  • – Clutter can make buyers wonder whether or not you’ve been keeping up with maintenance on the home.

  • – Buyers have a more difficult time seeing themselves living in your home if all of your stuff is scattered throughout the     house.

  • – It could also make them feel depressed when they see piles of clutter everywhere. You want prospective buyers to         feel happy and excited when they think about your home…not sad!

  • – A link between depression and clutter has been found; reason enough to get rid of what you don’t need and organize     what remains for your own peace of mind.   Quoted from

Organized Bedroom

For the Buyer:

Let's get your new home organized from the start! Fresh Start Organizing & Staging can help plan out your space, unpack, and make your transition as easy as possible. 

Together we will create organization systems that make your new house feel like home!

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