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Have You Ever??

Have you ever watched a show on HGTV that can makeover an entire house in an hour or surfed through Pinterest for great ideas on DIY organizers, upcycling, and revamping every space in your home? Organizing your shelves, bookcases, cabinets, and closets with those cute ingenious ideas you saw are great, right? All of a sudden you have a new found

energy and excitement. Thinking to yourself, “I can do that!” While the reality is you not only have to have the time to shop and create but also have a plan to maintain it all when you’re done.

It’s easy to kid yourself into thinking you can run to the store and buy some baskets or bins, come home and poof it’s done. But wait, what if your space isn’t set up like the one on Pinterest or HGTV? Now what? You have to possess the skills to come up with a different plan unique to your stuff and lay out of the space. Then there’s “the stuff!” How do you decide what to keep, how much of it, and what will you do with the stuff you no longer want? All of a sudden you feel overwhelmed and panic sets in as you realize you’ve spent hours buying containers and emptying a space and all you have to show for it is a big mess. What’s the better way you ask? Call me!

Together we will create a plan from start to finish. One that works for you and/or your family and maybe will include some of those great ideas you saw! When we are done you’ll not only feel relief that it’s finally done but have a plan to maintain it.


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