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Spring is in the Air

Before the weather starts to get warm and you’re itching to spend time outdoors, start the process of spring cleaning inside your home. Like any large project, break it down so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Try to allow yourself enough time for each space so you’re not left with an unfinished project. Blocking out time on your calendar will help to keep you moving along.

The following are some tips to get you rolling!

Before beginning, check the air filters in your home. Wash or replace before you start the room to room cleaning.

First, declutter the room and pack up all items for donations.

Always work from the top down.

Wipe walls, wall vents, and base boards.

Clean windows and frames. Remove screens if you leave them in during the winter. On a nice warm day, scrub, hose down, and get them back in for some fresh air!

Clean window treatments and furniture. If you don't have to have it cleaned professionally, a good fabric spray cleaner and vacuum work fine.

Replace burned out light bulbs and change batteries in smoke alarms.

If possible remove floor vent covers and vacuum the duct and covers.

If you’re able to move smaller furniture, clean the floor under and around. This is also a great time to think about the placement of furniture and whether it should be moved or even donated.

Don’t forget to wipe down doors, frames, wood railings and banisters throughout the home.

Check indoor storage areas for donations.

If you find you have large items for donation or too many to drop off in one or two trips, call asap to schedule a time for pick up. Many centers schedule weeks out so don’t wait until the last minute.


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