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Steps to Help Make Life Easier

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Start with a planner so you can use your time wisely. It makes a difference when you visually see what you need to accomplish. There are many different types so spend time looking around and consider whether you'd prefer paper or digital. Once you've chosen the planner, make a weekly “to do list,” and from there break it down daily by importance. If you are unable to get to something on the daily, transfer to the top of the list for the following day. If you find your lists are always being transferred to the next day, you may not be planning enough time. Be realistic in how long each activity will take and build in a little cushion of time to keep from becoming frustrated later.

Clear your head by leaving a note pad where you do your thinking. For example, if you spend a lot of time in the car and that’s when you create your “to do” list then place a pad and pen in the glove compartment and when you are stopped, make notes or record them for later. If thoughts keep you up at night, place paper near you so you can write it down and go back to sleep.

Clean your purse before running errands. Throw out all trash, go through receipts and coupons, and put the ones you need in their proper place. For men the same rule applies. Whether it’s your wallet or maybe a place in the car where you keep receipts etc.

Have meals planned out for the week. Go through any recipes you are using and make sure you have everything on your shopping list. Put the recipes for that week in a place where you can get to them quickly. You may feel you don’t have the time to sit and plan out meals but it pays off in the end. You'll spend less time at the store, buy fewer items that you really don’t need, and save yourself the stress of coming up with last minute meals during the week.

Have a separate list for items that can’t be purchased at the grocery store. This will allow you to build additional time into your schedule for those stops. If you’re unable to finish all the errands during the time you have scheduled, carry the list with you in case you have some unexpected free time during the week.

Go through your mail daily. Sort quickly right where the recycling/garbage cans are. Toss junk mail that doesn’t require shredding. Anything left gets shredded asap or put in it's appropriate place.

Clean out your email once a day and respond to any that require action asap.

Do a load of laundry daily instead of letting it pile up and spending a full day or longer doing it.

Have a designated place and bin or bag for donations. That way when you come across something you no longer need it can be put right in.

Set a timer for activities that tend to distract you. For example, going through emails or social media sites. When the timer goes off, move to the next task. Or barter time for those activities. Once you get through your “to do list” give yourself a set amount of time for the other activity you'd rather be doing.


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